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About us

MtZ is a small church on the southside of Indianapolis working to share the hope and love of the Gospel with our community. We are not a collection of perfect people. Instead, we are a group of people doing our best to follow Jesus.  We think the church should be a place where people can belong even before they believe and that Jesus has called us to love our neighbor the way we love ourselves.

You are welcome here and we can't wait to meet you!

“We no longer attend because we live in another part of the state but Mt.Zion will always be a part of me.”

- Jeanna W.

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“I Love this church and the people to. This is my first church and I love it so much very friendly n nice Paster Mike will have u laughing n give u the word. I miss going so much , but I'm going to go back one day.”

- Tushanna G.


"My wife and I started going to Mt. Zion around 2000 and have felt completely at home ever since.  Its my one and only Indy church home."

- Ralph H.

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“The amazing feeling of a home church and the  awesome people who attend there, are the reason God continues to push me that direction now and then.

- Vicki G.

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