Meet Our team


Pastor Mike

Pastor Mike is our lead Pastor. His favorite color is green and he loves peanut butter cookies. And you'll never meet a bigger Batman fan!

His favorite bible verse is

1 Peter 5:7



April is the loving wife of Pastor Mike and Assistant Worship Director/Assistant Church Clerk.

April loves all things music and can turn any word or sentence into a song. April also loves ice cream and Dairy Queen trips. 

Her favorite bible verse is

1 Thessalonians 5



Nancy is our member at large and voice for the people. She loves to laugh and tell a good joke. She loves her cat and time spent with her. 

Her favorite bible verse is

Matthew 6:9-13

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Debbie is our Church Treasurer.

Debbie loves being in the kitchen cooking for others. She loves walking along the beach and she likes peanut butter cookies too.

Her favorite bible verse is

Psalms 46:10


Amanda is our Worship Director.

Also, loves all things music! She always carries a tune in her heart and a beat in her soul. She also loves watching the Office with her husband Doug. Her favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird.

Her favorite bible verse is

Psalm 104:33

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Doug is our Head Trustee. 

Doug has never met a bad Oreo or Rice Crispy Treat. He loves to cook on his smoker. And watching the Office with his wife Amanda.

His favorite bible verse is


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Carrie is our Assistant Student Ministries Director/Church Clerk. Carrie likes the book A Crack in Forever, Pasta, and Law & Order SVU.

Her favorite bible verse is

John 3:16

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Wayne is our Head Deacon/Adult Ministries Director. Wayne loves Disney and the Seven Dwarfs. His favorite is Grumpy Dwarf. 

His favorite bible verse is

2 Timothy 3:16



Lindsey is our Student Ministries Director also known as BLAST. She loves photography and capturing special moments for people. She also loves tacos and sea turtles.

Her favorite bible verse is

Exodus 14:14

Psalm 37:7

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Jennifer is our technology director.

She loves all things sloths. She also dabbles in photography and loves tacos. 

Her favorite bible verse is

Joshua 1:9